VIP Members Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our VIP Members Frequently Asked Questions. Clicking on any of the FAQ sections below will take you to the most pertinent answers.  

If you do not find your answer, please contact us for more information.

Our Program

How Does Your VIP Members Program Work?
Simply put, we want to reward our loyal guests for what they already do - enjoying all their favorites at Burntwood Tavern and M Italian restaurants. Just present your card every time you visit; we'll swipe it and add reward points. It's another way we say "thanks" for choosing us!

How do I Receive Reward Points?
As a VIP Member you can earn points when purchasing food and beverages.  You’ll receive 1 point for every dollar spent (excluding tax and gratuity).  After you receive 250 points you’ll earn a $25 reward.

Do I Need To Keep Track Of Points Or Redeem Coupons?
VIP Rewards was created to be as simple and effortless as possible. There are no points to track or coupons to clip. The more you visit us, the more rewards you may receive.

Do I Need To Keep A Record Of My Purchases?
Not at all. We take care of it for you. Simply present your card to your server/bartender every time you visit. Your purchases will be recorded automatically.

I am already a Burntwood Tavern VIP Member and have a card.  Can I use that card at M Italian?
Yes!  Your card will work at all of our restaurants.  No need to get a new card.  Be sure to register your existing card here so that you will receive additional rewards from us!

I Visit A Few Different Chef Art Pour Restaurant Group Locations. How Do I Know if They Will Accept My Card?
We accept VIP Member cards at all Burntwood Tavern and M Italian restaurants. Click here to locate your favorite restaurant or to find a location that’s most convenient for you.

Can I Cancel My VIP Membership?
While we hope you won't want to leave us, if you decide for whatever reason to no longer participate in the VIP Member program, simply Contact Us here and we'll remove you from our membership and mailing list. But of course, you're always welcome to join us again if you change your mind - and we hope you will!

VIP Rewards


How Do I Know When I'm Entitled To A Reward?
That's part of the fun - it's always a surprise. Our staff will inform you if you have a reward loaded onto your card. Or you can check My Rewards before you visit and easily see what's waiting for you.

Missed Visit

I Forgot To Give My Server My Card.  How Can I Get My Points?
To add points from a visit, Contact Us providing the information from your visit and we'll add the points to your account.  The points added and rewards earned from your missed visit will activate the next time your card is swiped at any of our locations. 

VIP Card

Where Can I Get A VIP Members Card?
Member cards are available from our staff at every Burntwood Tavern and M Italian location – ask for yours today! 

How Do I Register My VIP Members Card?
Please visit the Register or Log In Page for an online form and immediate registration.

I Have A Card; Why Am I Not Getting Any Rewards?

Your card must be registered to begin earning rewards. Visit this page to register your card.

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Where Can I Get A VIP Members Card?
Member cards are available from our staff at every Chef Art Pour Restaurant – ask for yours today! Click here to locate your favorite restaurant or to find a location that's most convenient for you.

How Do I Register My VIP Member card?
Please visit the ‘Register or Log In’ Page and click on ‘Register My Card’.  Enter the 14-digit number on the back of the card and complete the online form to be able to start redeeming your points.

Can I Have A Duplicate Card Or Link Another Card To My Account?
The advantage of having your own card is that each member will receive his or her personalized offers. At this time, we cannot issue multiple cards to VIP Members. We hope to provide duplicate cards or linked accounts for households in the future.

I've Lost My Card. How Can I Get A New One?
You can get a new card at any Burntwood Tavern or M Italian restaurant.  To make sure that the registration and transaction history of your lost card will be transferred to your new card account, Contact Us here and provide the requested information.   The point balance from your old card will be transferred to your new card.  You will need to register the card on our website to redeem merit.

I Have A Card; Why Am I Not Able to Redeem My Rewards?
Your card must be registered to be able to access your account on our website and to redeem rewards. Visit this page to register your card.

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Your Info

Is My Information Really Private?
We never sell your personal information. You've trusted us and we respect that. Your privacy is very important to us. 

How Do I Edit My Info?
Simply click Edit My Info to update your address, email or other details of your account.

Will I Receive Lots Of Mail From You?
We realize you have a busy life and never want to overload you or your inbox. Periodically, we'll communicate by email or through the mail to keep you up to date and make sure you don't miss any valuable bonuses or information about what's happening in your local community. And you always have the ability to opt out if you choose.

Why Am I Not Receiving Emails From You?
Please check your spam or junk mail folder; you may have inadvertently opted out of receiving communications from us. Depending on your email provider, you may be asked to add us as a safe sender. If you still have questions, you can also Contact Us and send an email requesting that you receive emails. Please make sure we have your correct email and postal addresses.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions About our VIP Members Program?
Please use the button below to visit our contact page.  

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