Burntwood Tavern in Chagrin Falls serves skillfully made, hearty food in a cozy setting

Santa showed up during our lunchtime visit to Burntwood Tavern in Chagrin Falls.

Whoops, this might not be the right time to judge performance. All that cheering and ho-ho-ho-ing in the rustic front lounge could throw an antler into the staff's timing.

But things cruised along uninterrupted in the main dining areas. A couple of dads even broke loose from the Clausathon to come back early and finish their meals. Either they were very hungry or very naughty.

Santa would understand. This place can satisfy a belly that is like a bowl full of jelly.

That's because Burntwood is a fresh take on the tavern concept, blending profiles old and new. The principals, with experience at Brio, Bravo and Bar Louie -- give a nod to tradition with plenty of hearty fare. The moderate prices are right, with many sandwiches under $10 and many dinners under $19.

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