Best of the City 2015 - Akron Life Magazine

We live in a world where everyone is constantly sharing lists. The 50 best places to explore before you settle down. The 10 desserts you absolutely can’t live without. The top 15 reasons why you should explore the local parks. Lists inspire us to go out into the world and check it out. This year’s “Best of the City” list is full of places, people and local services that our readers see as the gems of the area. Each has its own origin story and flavor that, when all combined, make the Akron area a colorful place to live.  

From amazingly crafted cakes, gorgeous floral designs and elegant salons, to retro stores and scrumptious Chinese take-out, Akron has so much to offer those who call it home. Each year akronlife readers send their picks for the absolute best of the best. This year’s list features many fan-favorites that have become city staples over the years, as well as new additions. 

Whether a new player or a frequent flyer on our list, each winner has brought personality to The 330. Thank you for sharing your favorites with us!

Best local patio dining

First Place: Nuevo Modern Mexican & Tequila Bar
Second Place: Beau’s Grille
Third Place: Merchant Tavern
Honorable Mention: Burntwood Tavern

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