Burntwood Tavern brings a tasty new Happy Hour to Rocky River

"The British are leaving, the British are leaving," the locals shouted. Well, maybe not. But it was a bit of a shock when the Pub pulled out of Rocky River in August. The Brit-pub was a dandy ol' chap, complete with fish, chips, Boddington's, soccer on the tube and the Kinks on the sound system. For whatever reason, the colonists didn't take to it. Hence, Burntwood Tavern: a place that opts for less flair and a comfy, rustic vibe common to Rocky River spots. The Happy Hour deal is comfy, too -- featuring half-off appetizers, $4 wines and discounted beers. The Tuna Nachos ($5) were unique, with sashimi tuna and crisp wontons. The Artichoke, Roasted Garlic & Tasso Fondue ($4) was yummy, even if it was more a chips-n-dip combo than I'd expected. Yeah, next time I'll pick an item that's less chip-oriented. But crunching away in between sips of chardonnay is pretty good. 

Happy factor: Three olives out of five

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