Burntwood Tavern makes family dinner feel like date night: Family-friendly restaurant review

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It felt like a date night.

The lights were low, the blown-glass chandeliers stunning and the restaurant plummy with special occasions. A birthday at the next table, a party of decked-out high school kids (probably born the year I graduated) headed to Homecoming, behind velvety swag of curtains.

Of course, next to me, my daughter was throwing her plastic letter rings, and across the booth, my son was building a tunnel out of straws.

No bother. The hum of Burntwood Tavern -- not to mention its rich, inventive food – made our Saturday night its own celebration.

We had intended to eat at the Chagrin Falls Burntwood after an hour of waterfall-watching and boutique strolling in town. But even at 5:45 p.m., there was a 45-minute wait at the quaint little cottage, which opened in 2010 as the first in a five-restaurant local chain. (Note to self: next time, make reservations.) So we drove four miles to try our luck in Solon.

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