Grand Opening at Brecksville's Burntwood Tavern makes management optimistic for the future

BRECKSVILLE – The Burntwood Tavern held its grand opening event Dec. 3 at its newest location at 8188 Brecksville Road, the former location of Seared, ringing in a new era occupancy for the location, which management is optimistic will be more successful than its predecessors. 

"It was great! The people, the feedback, all of it," said Scott Fisher, general manager of the new restaurant. "What I was getting from a lot of people was 'something like this was long overdue.'"

The restaurant held a soft opening the evening of Nov. 30 that continued Dec. 1. Following an email sent to Burntwood's VIP members Nov. 26, reservations for the occasion filled up within a day. Family and friends of employees were also invited to take part.

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